Hitachi LTD has announced a 1 TB disk drive due out by 2007 that will feature perpendicular recording as a method for surmounting the limitations imposed on areal density by superparamagnetism.  Perpendicular recording aligns magnetic fields perpendicularly to media rather than in parallel, enabling bits to be squeezed more closely together without interfering with magnetic fields.



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It is an interesting fact that the responsibility for the management of most expensive IT infrastructure component, storage, and the protection of the most irreplaceable corporate asset, data, is entrusted to folks who have no specialized training for these tasks and who receive no recognition for the work they do.

Another interesting fact: the preponderance of organizations tend to view storage as a commodity and continue to buy one-size-fits-most storage platforms offered by vendors that are wasteful, inefficient, resist management, and are extremely costly on a cost-of-ownership basis.

Welcome to Storage Management.Org: a community for those who manage storage for a living and a Signature Site of Toigo Partners International, the premiere provider of consumer-focused IT research and analysis for business decision-makers worldwide. We encourage you to peruse the site and, with a simple registration, to participate in our forums, where storage managers like yourself share their problems and solutions.

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